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MegaCon 2009

Well, I just got back from an exciting weekend at MegaCon! For those of you who don’t know, MegaCon is the biggest comic convention in Florida, and was held this weekend at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

I got there early on Friday morning and set up a table in the Artists’ Alley. The Con was enormous, trying to walk on the showroom floor on Saturday was a bit like walking down Bourbon Street on Mardi Gras, only with a little less flashing and a few more cat ears. Cosplayers are a MegaCon staple and they were everywhere at this year’s convention, some of my favorite are pictured here.
There definitely was a significant webcomic presence to be felt at the convention, and Nightgig Studios teamed up with the WCCAs to put on a great panel discussion with some prominent webcartoonists, including Dave the artist of dead winter, Jennie of Devil’s Panties, and KC from Rumblo. The panel will be featured on the upcoming Gigcast, so be sure to check it out! Good times were had by all, and I got to meet some local and not-so-local artists including the talented Tamara Gray, inspirational inksmith Bucky, Mike from EMPulse Records, and of course big props to the funky ukelele stylings of JT from Night Gig. I know we’re all looking forward to next year!

5 responses

  1. Heya!

    I’m Tammy (Atomic Ginger), the chick who sat on the OTHER side of you at Megacon. Just wanted to say that your comic is great, and hopefully we’ll see you at some other cons and Sketchy’s. 😀

    March 1, 2009 at 9:49 pm

  2. nice costume by the Ice Climbers. How much is the admission cost?

    March 2, 2009 at 3:28 am

  3. cookbroscomics

    Great report – looks like you had a good show! I wish I could have gone this year but it helps to have reports coming back in, like yours. Look forward to the new Gigcast and thanks for the heads up! –Shawn

    March 2, 2009 at 7:42 am

  4. Love the Marley in Amsterdam t-shirt, dude…sorry it’s been so long since I’ve stopped by here….

    March 3, 2009 at 2:49 am

  5. i learned about this a when I was writing for a TV show called “Pucca.” My boss was a huge fan of this convetion. I thnk he wore a different costume every day.

    March 11, 2009 at 2:45 pm

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